Feb 18, 2017

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A Brief Introduction To Online Shopping

 Online shopping, or sometimes called electronic shopping or e-commerce, is an activity of buying or selling goods or services with the help of an electronic media, like the internet. Instead of standing in the aisle of stores and picking the goods by your hand, online shopping makes it easy for you do this with the help of internet browser. All you have to do is do a web browsing to pick the right item you want to purchase and pay it using acertain method of payment (like a credit card or other payment services).Online shopping has emerged to public attention since the year 1994 when music band Sting sold their music album through the internet. With the rise of online banking and the development of the internet, online shopping was getting more popular as many retail stores like Pizza Hut opened their orders through the web.

The rise of online shopping triggered the development of product delivery service. Online shopping establishes the home-shopping lifestyle since you do not have to go out from your home to purchase the things you want. That is where product delivery service holds an important role—to deliver the things you purchase at online store right to your home.Nowadays, more than 30% of international sales is made through online commerce. In the United States only, about 8% of retail items are sold through online shopping—totaled more than 125 billion in dollars.

The development of online shopping, however, increases the threat of fraud and crime. Although the security of internet is still getting new advancement, security concerns have always been attached to online shopping. Many people suffered from what is called as phishing, or the act of crime through an online transaction like online shopping and online banking. Thus, our awareness of the safety of e-commerce should be raised so that we don’t suffer phishing.