Feb 18, 2017

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Tips For More Secured Online Shopping

 As online shopping is getting more advanced nowadays, security concerns still become the biggest threat to this modern way of shopping. A report from an electronic crime research in the United States showed an increase of 89% in the second quarter of 2011. While researchers and experts are still going a long way to making online shopping safer, here are some tips for more secured online shopping.Looking for items to purchase through asearch engine is not recommended. Why? Because there are so many online shopping websites that are actually ascam and made only for better search engine optimization. Be careful of misspellings (for example, .net or .com) so that you will not be redirected to different stores. Also, whenever you visit an online shopping store, look for a lock icon in the left part of the web address or look if the web address is started with an https:// instead of just http://. HTTPS indicates a more secured line of access to the website, making it safer for you to execute the online transaction.

Always be cautious. Never just freely provide a private information about your identity (such as your social security number, your identity number, and other) to an online store. Although it might be needed for the transaction, the best way to provide it is by human interaction, like via phone or meetup. Secure your account in the online store using strong passwords.Do you really think iPhone 7 will sell at only $50? “But the website says so!” you said. Never simply say yes to this kind of information. I mean, come on, be rational. Never simply trust a giveaway coupon or bombastic discount, because this might just be a trick for you to send the website your money without actually giving you the item you thought you purchase.